Good Practices

Good practices

By using our products following Water companies achieved better water management in their municipalities
Tirana, Albania

The first training on capital investment infrastructure projects in the water and sanitation sector that took
place in February 2019 in Tirana ensured a wide participation of Local Government Units (LGUs) and Public
Utility Companies (PUCs) which still do not have sufficient capacities to implement the projects, including financial capacities, secured co-funding for the project, institutional and management capacities, technical and operational capacities. Therefore, they are willing to be trained and get the maximum from trainings, share their expertise and their challenges, but still they’re lacking capacities, which is their most raised issue. The training showed that participants were reflective to questions raised, plenary session and were able to contribute professionally to the discussion. Since they represented different sectors it helped peers learn from each
other. The whole group showed interest towards the topics covered and case studies discussed, and shared
personal knowledge and the experience in water and sanitation projects.

Evis Gjebrea, trainer and Deputy General Director in Tirana Water and
Wastewater Utility

Association of Local Authorities of Republic of Srpska

“In order to overcome challenges and problems
identified in the water services sector in
BiH, a systematic approach to capacity development is needed
in order to contribute to the improvement of operational and financial
performance of the public
water utilities and local government units, to increase the
quality and sustainability of water services and sustainability of water  utilities,
to increase their creditworthiness, as well as sustainability of capital investments and enable
implementation of EU directives at local level. “
Bojana Kondic Panic, Trainer, Association of Local Authorities of Republika Srpska

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