Aida Moranjkić

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Aida Moranjkic has 10 years of experience in development of project study documentation and analysis of plans in the fields of water and environmental protection, designing and implementation of projects in the water sector. She has an extensive experience in decentralisation with a special focus on water and sanitation sector.

She has a strong expertise in the design of capacity-building programs and delivery of training and technical assistance through the 10 years of experience in transfer of know-how to municipal authorities for improvement of public services through the project process management, including introduction of new procedures (e.g. strategic planning, procurement and contracting, management of infrastructure project including administration and financial management, monitoring and evaluation and results based reporting, communication with civil society in various phases of project planning and implementation, improvement of communal services) and improvement of legislation related to environmental sector.

She is a certified specials for detection and reduction of water losses and non-revenue water as well as a certified trainer for Water Safety and Crisis Management.

By vocation, Aida is a civil engineer and an English language and literature teacher.


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