Bojana Kondić Panić

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I finished Faculty of Economics in University of Banja Luka, Study program: Business Economy as well as Economy Master’s Degree studies, International relationships and I had constant education on the subject of European policies, Programs and Funds. I have excellent skills in understanding, writing and speaking English and French language, and good skills in German language. I worked as teacher and interpreter of French language.

Currently I’m chief of Mayor’s cabinet in Municipality of Laktaši. I have good communication skills gained through moderating different events such as panel discussions, and through implementation of different projects in municipality of Laktaši. Also, I have improved my leadership skills trough the organization of different events in the Municipality of Laktasi, and being responsible for managing a team of at least 10 people in the last 5 years since I’m on the managerial positions in the Municipality.




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