Elia Pendavinji

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Ms. Pendavinji since receiving her bachelor degree, has focused her work experience at the water sector. Her experience with Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Korça has included both private sector responsibilities, working with the consulting engineers engaged by the Water Company, as well as public sector responsibilities,
Along with the routine financial management and accounting responsibilities of a major water supply and sewerage utility, she has been personally responsible for the creation and implementation of a state-of-the-art Customer Service Centre with computer-based billing and payment recording. And later on, leading the administrative services department (currently the commercial directory).

Ms. Pendavinji has a long experience in lecturing and delivering trainings. She is engaged at SHUKALB in delivering course trainings as Water Loss Management, Asset Management, and D-Leap training Commercial Efficiency in Water Supply and Sanitation Utilities.
She possesses distinguish interpersonal skills as a team leader, teamwork, communication.

Ms. Pendavinji is nominated as co-trainer and moderator.

eliap@ukko.al / ependavinji@gmail.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/elia-pendavinji-49b99733/

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