Sulvana Rošić

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As Master of Civil Engineering (specialised in Hydrotechnics and Environmental Engineering), Sulvana is able to use her knowledge during her current work in Aquasan Network in BiH. Currently, she is EDAMS System Engineer within Project Integrated Asset Management for Water Utilities in South-Eastern Europe. She is responsible for assistance in the initial water utility assessment, data conversion and system configuration, carrying out subsequent network data evaluation, provision of support to water utilities in the use of the software and procedures adopted, system implementation and data conversion, conducting training courses on Integrated Asset Management to the water utilities.

She is also able to carry out different task in designing projects for such as design of water supply system, design of sewerage network and wastewater treatment plant which includes data collection and analysis, review of existing project documentation, conduction of field visits, description of existing water supply network, conduction of data analysis in ArcGIS, work in software as AutoCAD, QGIS, Urbano Canalis and Hydra etc.

Sulvana completed RCDN Training of Trainers gaining knowledge on RCDN standards and techniques and Training of Trainers for the “Introductory IAM CD Delivery”.


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