D-Leap Water Safety and Crisis Management Program

Overall learning outcome:

  • Managerial and technical staff of PUCs will be able to develop, implement and improve an efficient Water Safety (WSP) and Crisis Management Plan (CMP)

Specific learning outcomes:       

  • By the end of the Workshop the participant will be able to describe basics of theoretical and practical components of WSP and CMP as per national legal framework as well as international approved standards ;
  • By the end of the module associations and each PCU will be able to build up the foundations for the WSP & CMP development
  • By the end of this module the participants will be able to develop the WSP and CMP

Key topics:

  • Workshop to introduce and explain the framework of Water Safety Plan with risk assessment/management methodology, and to introduce with Crisis Management Plan and explain how it works;
  • Onsite Visit and Training to establish the initiation of developing the WSP and CMP;
  • Onsite second Visits and Trainings; continuing with WSP and CMP development and carrying out short training as per WSP and CMP modules.

Target group:

  • PUC staff (managerial and technical)
  • LGU staff (staff responsible for water and wastewater services)

Duration: Overall duration 6 months, with 4 trainings at water utilities