Introduction to NRW

Overall learning outcome:

After completing this training, participants will understand how to improve the efficiency of water services and increase revenues by applying practical skills and modern approach to non-revenue management (NRW) in Public Utility Companies (PUCs).

Specific learning outcomes:       

  • Participants understand the concept and benefits of NRW management and how they can support their PUCs in reducing NRW and increasing the quality and safety of water supply in the local community;
  • Participants understand how to decrease costs and improve operational and financial performance of the PUC;
  • Participants learn the importance of development NRW action plans / strategies and their role within.

Target group:

  • Mayors
  • Councillors
  • Members of PUC Steering Boards
  • Heads of LGUs department responsible for water services
  • PUC top and middle management

Key topics:         

  • NRW: definition, terminology, status, principles and approach;
  • Indicators for monitoring the NRW status;
  • NRW action plan / strategy;
  • Operational cost (money) savings (electricity);
  • Role of decision makers in improving NRW management and benefits thereof

Duration: 0,5 day