Regional Peer Exchange on the operation and maintenance of the wastewater treatment plants in Bijeljina

Regional peer exchange gathered 40 participants from BiH, North Macedonia and Serbia to discuss and exchange on operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), projects and case studies in the field of wastewater collection and treatment, and to verify the results of the training need assessment for the topics regarding WWTP operation and maintenance conducted in North Macedonia.

Bijeljina and Gevgelija WWTP case studies were presented today focusing on challenges and solutions in the operation and maintenance. 6 more WWTPs from Trebinje, Gradacac, Berovo, Gevgelija, Strumica, Sabac and Kragujevac are actively participating in the peer exchange.After inputs, all participants visited WWTP Bijeljina.

Second day of exchange began with the reflection of Day 1 and most important conclusions,followed by the brief overview of Sabac WWTP.

The focus of the Day 2 was on the key factors for the efficient operation and maintenance of the WWTP and identification of measures for the capacity development for operation and maintenance of WWTPs.

Reto B├╝hler, Swiss expert presented the reports of the mission conducted in North Macedonia (key factors which are preventing the operation of WWTPs, observed deficiencies in operation and maintenance of WWTP, identification of key causes for the inefficient operation and maintenance of WWTP, preferred teaching methods and forms of education, potential topics). The inputs were basis for the joint group work.