"Capital Infrastructure Investment Projects in the Water and Sanitation Sector

Successful Completion of Training on Capital Infrastructure Investment Projects in the Water and Sanitation Sector

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the training  titled “Capital Infrastructure Investment Projects in the Water and Sanitation Sector,” which took place from May 21-24, 2024, at Hotel Garden in PrishtinĂ«, KosovĂ«. This training was made possible through the grant SHUKALB received from RCDN.

The training session targeted middle management in UK Companies, including heads of relevant sectors/units and technical, legal, and financial staff. The participants engaged in an intensive program designed to enhance their skills and knowledge in managing capital infrastructure investment projects.

Key Highlights of the Training:

  1. Participants gained a thorough understanding of the stages involved in preparing a financeable project.
  2. The training covered key elements and stages of project cycle management, providing a comprehensive overview.
  3. Attendees learned about different types of analyses and their constituent elements.
  4. The session explored various financing possibilities for infrastructure projects, including both internal and external programs.
  5. The structure, role, and responsibilities of the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) were clearly outlined.
  6. The design phase of projects was discussed in detail, along with the relevant steps involved.
  7. Participants grasped the importance of Monitoring, Evaluation, and Auditing in Project Management.
  8. Potential risks and challenges in each phase of project implementation were identified and discussed.

Expert Trainers:

  • Sokol Xhafa: Lecturer at the University for Business and Technology – PrishtinĂ«
  • Evis Gjebrea: Expert, Albania

The training was highly interactive and provided participants with practical knowledge and skills that are directly applicable to their roles. The feedback from the participants was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their gratitude for the opportunity to enhance their competencies in such a crucial area.

SHUKALB and RCDN are committed to continuing their efforts in capacity building and professional development within the water and sanitation sector. We thank all the participants for their dedication and active involvement in this training.