RCDN Academy Training in Montenegro

Successful Completion of RCDN Academy Training in Montenegro: Empowering Partner Associations in EU Fundraising and Project Development


From May 12-17, 2024, Hotel Princess in Bar, Montenegro, hosted a training session organized by the RCDN Academy. This event, specifically designed for RCDN partner associations, aimed to enhance their capabilities in EU fundraising and project development, with a particular emphasis on project proposal development and supporting the financial sustainability of partner associations. The training concluded with resounding success.

Event Details and Participants

The EU Fundraising and Project Development training targeted associations eligible for the current EURO MED 4th Call for Thematic projects. These associations included UMM, AWM, ALAA, SHUKALAB, ZELS, ADKOM, AMCFBiH, UPKP, AMTRS, AWRS, and AQUASAN. The economies from the Western Balkans eligible for the EURO MED Programme are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and North Macedonia.

The comprehensive training program was designed to equip these associations with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully navigate the complexities of EU fundraising.

Specific Learning Outcomes

The training program was meticulously structured to achieve several specific learning outcomes:

  1. Awareness of EU Funding Opportunities:
    • Participants were informed about various funding opportunities from different EU programs and instruments, including Open Calls.
  2. Avoiding Common Mistakes:
    • The training highlighted the most common mistakes and oversights in project preparation. Participants received practical tips and key takeaways for the successful preparation of projects.
  3. Understanding Project Evaluation:
    • A significant part of the training focused on how EU projects are evaluated, providing participants with a clear understanding of the evaluation criteria and processes.
  4. Project Cycle Management:
    • Participants improved their knowledge of the phases of project cycle management, from inception to completion.
  5. Situation Analysis and Problem Identification:
    • Enhancing skills in analyzing the current situation and identifying problems as a basis for project development was a key focus.
  6. Logical Framework Matrix Approach:
    • The training guided participants in developing project proposals using a logical framework matrix approach, ensuring a structured and coherent project plan.
  7. Application Package Elements:
    • Participants were informed about all elements of the application package, including application forms, supporting documentation, and budget.
  8. Drafting Project Proposals:
    • By the end of the training, participants had developed the first draft of their project proposals, ready for further refinement and submission.

The RCDN Academy training in Montenegro has been a pivotal event for RCDN partner associations, empowering them with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in EU fundraising and project development. Participants are now well-prepared to develop robust project proposals, contributing to the overall success of their organizations and the communities they serve.

The successful completion of this training underscores RCDN’s commitment to building the capacity and financial sustainability of its partner associations, ensuring they are well-equipped to leverage EU funding opportunities for sustainable development projects. A separate cycle of this training will be organized for other APUCs and LGAs, and relevant calls for applications will be communicated in due course.