Training on development of competences of elected officials in local government units for water supply, sewerage and waste water treatment services

Bihać, 24 October 2019: Association of Municipalities and Cities of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina delivered a training for elected officials in local government units to strenghren their competences in water supply, sewerage and wastewater treatment services. Municipal councilor and civil servants as well as employees of public utility companies from Bihać, Bosanski Petrovac, Konjic, Sanski Most and Travnik participated in the training.

The training aimed to familiarize the participants with water service sector framework so as to better understand their roles and responsibilities and to jointly develop their competences and thereby build corporate approach to the provision of water services to citizens. For that matter, the training addressed general aspects of water services, integrated asset management, investments in capital infrastructure, water services management and tariff policy.