Providing capacity development services during COVID-19

Providing capacity development services during COVID-19: RCDN Networking

What were major challenges to capacity development delivery and how did the partner associations adjust to continue providing high level services during the COVID-19 pandemic were key issues discussed at the RCDN partners meeting held online on 21 December 2021.

Additional efforts that needed to be invested in converting face-to-face to online delivery, insufficient computer literacy and equipment as well as participants who are not dedicated fully during online events were only some of common challenges shared by the partner associations. Yet, it has not put the capacity development delivery on hold during the pandemics; on the contrary, the partner associations adapted swiftly. New skills for effective online delivery have been developed, innovations introduced and organisational changes made. Even more, this time of crisis has been taken as the opportunity to breathing life into new ideas and projects.

The key learning is that all this new knowledge and skills should be capitalised and combined so that capacity development offering and delivery in the region continue to grow in terms of quality and quantity.

Through such exchange of good practices and experiences on providing capacity development during COVID-19 pandemic, RCDN partner associations continue to strengthen their capacities and build regional capacity development network.