South East European trainers capacitated on “Introduction to Integrated Asset Management\”

Asset management is the basis for the operation of any public utility company (PUC), which is currently not fully recorded or adequately managed in most PUCs. Only by knowing your own property can you evaluate its condition, financial value, the amount of funds needed to maintain it, identify risks to the quality of service and health of service users, as well as the effects on the operation and financial planning of material and human resources for the management and maintenance of assets at PUC.

Aquasan Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina, organized training for selected trainers coming from four national associations of PUCs from Albania (SHUKALB), Bosnia and Herzegovina (AQUASAN), Kosovo (SHUKOS) and Serbia (UTVSI) on “Introduction to Integrated Asset Management”.from 10 to 12 September 2019.

The aim of the training was to strengthen the capacity of trainers from partner associations to prepare and deliver training on “Introduction to Integrated Asset Management” in line with the requirements of the RCDN Quality Standards. Twenty trainers from mentioned associations, who are experts in the field of asset management in PUCs, attended the training.

This training module has been developed by the Aquasan Network in BiH within the framework of the Regional Capacity Development Network (RCDN) for Water and Sanitation in South East Europe. The training curriculum, as well as a comprehensive manual for future trainers was developed with the support of experts from the Una Consulting Bihac who have delivered training for trainers. The training lasted for three days and covered the key aspects of integrated asset management in PUCs: general, legal, institutional, technical and financial aspects. As a result of the training, teams from national associations have developed training design proposals for their associations that are aligned with their contexts and defined needs.

Trainers will prepare and deliver training on asset management for the representatives of decision makers from municipalities and PUCs (mayors, councillors, PUC directors, etc.), as well as designated technical staff from municipalities and PUCs (heads of departments), PUC technical directors).

The trainers of the Aquasan Network in BiH plan to conduct the first trainings for PUCs and municipalities in BiH in November and December this year.