RCDN Training Management Cycle

Successfully finished: RCDN Training Management Cycle (TMC) Training

We are thrilled to share the outcomes from the latest session of our RCDN Training Management Cycle (TMC) Training, held to bolster the abilities of our partner associations. This training focused on mastering the RCDN CD format “Training” to ensure top-notch delivery that aligns with our standards.

Key Takeaways from the Session:

• Deep Insights: Participants gained valuable insights into Capacity Development, thoroughly understanding our training cycle’s essentials.
• Skill Enhancement: Our partners are now better prepared to conduct exceptional training sessions, adhering to RCDN’s Quality Standards and making effective use of our specialized templates.
• Shared Wisdom: A lively exchange of successful strategies and practical tips has expanded our knowledge base and enhanced our collaborative strength.

We encourage all participants to continue applying these insights to amplify the impact of their training efforts. Stay tuned for more updates and keep striving for excellence with RCDN!