• 19/10/2020

Peer exchange on wastewater projects in Kosovo

SHUKOS successfully completed the two-day peer-to-peer event aimed to improve knowledge and exchange experiences on planning, preparation and implementation of wastewater collection and treatment projects in Kosovo. The online event was organised on 12 and 16 October 2020. The participants were Technical Directors of Regional Water Companies (RWC), representatives from Kosovo Municipalities, representatives from MESP, SHUKOS and Association of Kosovo Municipalities as well as representatives of GIZ and NALAS.

In the first day, RWC Hidroregjioni Jugor presented its practice and experience in the Prizren Wastewater Collection and Treatment Project, which was followed by interactive exchange amongst the participants. The second day focused on action plans developed by the participants in this series of two-day meetings which were commented afterwards by all participating colleagues.

Two main challenges for the sustainability of such projects were identified: sustainability and financial maintenance of these projects and political interference in the management of wastewater treatment plants.

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