RCDN+ and ADKOM Elevating Water Sector Excellence

RCDN+: Elevating Water Sector Excellence Beyond Grants – Fostering Growth and Recognition for Key Associations

In a concerted effort to elevate the capacities and performance of the water sector across the Western Balkan, The Regional Capacity Development Network (RCDN) for Water and Sanitation Services has allocated financial support to pivotal associations within the region. The provided support aims to bolster organizational capabilities and growth, foster policy dialogue, and enhance capacity development initiatives, ultimately contributing to the provision of safe, sustainable, and efficient water supply and sanitation services.

ADKOM – North Macedonia:
ADKOM aims to increase the capacities of The Association of Public Utility Companies (PUCs) in Macedonia. ADKOM is poised to embark on a transformative journey with the support of the RCDN+ project. With a strategic focus on enhancing communal services and advocacy efforts, ADKOM aims to solidify its position as a center of knowledge and expertise in the country.

Through the provided support by the RCDN+ project, ADKOM will undertake the development of crucial strategic documents, including a new Strategic Plan for 2026-2029 and a Business Plan for 2025-2027. These documents will not only refine ADKOM’s membership model but also explore innovative financing mechanisms to ensure financial sustainability.
Moreover, ADKOM will strengthen its Training Center, aligning capacity development measures with strategic priorities outlined in its strategic plan. This includes accreditation and certification of the Training Center, implementation of peer-exchange events, and establishment of a Community of Practice for Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs).
By fostering a sustainable Dialogue Mechanism, ADKOM aims to facilitate multi-stakeholder engagements and advocate for policy reforms, particularly in the area of Asset Management. Through these concerted efforts, ADKOM seeks to represent the interests of its members effectively and drive positive change within the sector and the country.

SHUKALB – Albania:

The Water Supply and Sewerage Association of Albania (SHUKALB) is poised to continue its mission of advancing quality performance and sustainability in the water sector. With a focus on advocacy, capacity development, and regional partnerships, SHUKALB aims to drive positive change within the Albanian water service sector.
Supported by the RCDN+ project, SHUKALB will update its governance and strategic planning frameworks to adapt to key reforms in the sector. The association will intensify its advocacy efforts, particularly in areas such as asset management and infrastructure investment projects, to ensure the collective interests of its members are represented effectively.
SHUKALB will further strengthen its Training Unit to provide high-quality capacity development programs for water utilities, municipalities, and other stakeholders. By enhancing regional partnerships and collaboration, SHUKALB aims to promote knowledge exchange and best practices in the water sector, contributing to sustainable development goals in Albania and beyond.

AWM – Montenegro

The Association of Waterworks of Montenegro (AWM) frequently faces challenges in assisting its members, due to resources constrains. To overcome this, with the support of RCDN+, AWM aims to gain insights from peer associations’ successful practices, enhancing its internal capacities to deliver essential services to members and establish itself as a trusted and recognized partner.
Key initiatives include: Developing internal procedures for smoother operations, Implementing a fundraising strategy for sustainability, Updating the association’s strategic plan based on needs assessments, Establishing a functional training center for online events and Enhancing communication strategies for increased visibility.
AWM will prioritize workshops, trainings, and peer exchanges to promote modern water management practices. Collaboration with RCDN+ will support initiatives like asset management to ensure the functionality and sustainability of water supply systems.
Furthermore, AWM will strengthen partnerships with national stakeholders to advocate for improved legislation and policies. Events like the Montenegro Water Conference will provide platforms for knowledge-sharing and dialogue, advancing the water sector in Montenegro and beyond.

AQUASAN Network– Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)

The Association for Water and Environmental Protection Sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), known as AQUASAN Network in BiH, is poised to build upon its past achievements with renewed vigor. With a focus on enhancing organizational capacities and promoting policy dialogue, AQUASAN aims to advance the water service sector in BiH.
Supported by RCDN+, AQUASAN will undertake initiatives to strengthen its organizational performance. This includes upgrading its Strategic Plan, implementing a Communication Plan, and enhancing its Customer Relationship Management system. These efforts will enable AQUASAN to provide high-quality and sustainable capacity development services to its members.
AQUASAN’s capacity development activities will be geared towards promoting sustainable CD services and enhancing its Pool of Trainers. Additionally, the association will engage in networking and advocacy activities to foster improvements in the water service sector, thereby contributing to the overall development of BiH.

UPKP – Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)

The Association of Utility Companies in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (UPKP) is positioned to play a pivotal role in driving sectoral reforms and enhancing collaboration among stakeholders. With a focus on advocacy, capacity development, and organizational strengthening, UPKP aims to promote sustainable and efficient utility services in BiH.
With the backing of RCDN+, UPKP will develop internal procedures, including those related to Board and Assembly meetings, to facilitate smoother operations. Additionally, the association will focus on fundraising strategies to ensure its long-term sustainability and viability.
UPKP will prioritize capacity development initiatives to enhance the skills and competencies of utility companies in BiH. Through collaborative advocacy and policy dialogue, UPKP seeks to address regulatory challenges and promote an enabling environment for the water sector, thereby contributing to improved service delivery and environmental sustainability.

SHUKOS – Kosovo:

The Association of Water and Wastewater Works in Kosovo (SHUKOS) is poised to continue its vital role in promoting excellence and sustainability in the water sector. With a focus on capacity development, advocacy, and regional partnerships, SHUKOS aims to drive positive change and innovation in Kosovo’s water service sector.
Empowered by RCDN+, SHUKOS will enhance its capacity development initiatives to meet the evolving needs of water utilities and stakeholders in Kosovo. The association will strengthen its internal CD delivery system and promote knowledge-sharing activities to build a more resilient and skilled workforce.
SHUKOS will also intensify its advocacy efforts and policy dialogue to address sectoral challenges and promote regulatory reforms. By fostering collaboration and regional partnerships, SHUKOS aims to contribute to the advancement of sustainable water supply and sanitation services in Kosovo and the wider region.
Conclusively, the financial support facilitated by the RCDN+ project symbolizes a substantial commitment in the enhancing the internal capacities and organizational robustness of key associations in the water sector in the 6 Western Balkan countries. By empowering these associations to drive positive change and innovation, the RCDN+ project aims to foster a more sustainable and efficient water service sector across WB6.