RCDN+ Training Equips Partner Associations for Effective Advocacy and Policy Influence

A comprehensive training session aimed at enhancing the capacities of partner associations in influencing public policy concluded successfully in Sarajevo after three intensive days of learning and collaboration. Held as part of the RCDN+ Academy, the training focused on empowering participants with the skills necessary for effective advocacy campaigns, legislative lobbying, and coalition building. Participants at the training were partner associations from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. The overall learning objective of the training was to strengthen the participants’ understanding of advocacy’s influence on public policy decisions and equip them with the necessary tools and strategies to affect change. Specific learning outcomes included understanding advocacy principles, building consensus, identifying advocacy issues, and developing concrete advocacy plans. Throughout the training, participants actively participated in group activities, discussions, and presentations, showcasing their envisioned advocacy initiatives and grappling with real-life advocacy challenges. They were also introduced to various tools and methodologies developed by GIZ and RCDN, such as the Stakeholder Dialogue instrument and the Advocacy Strategy and Policy Paper framework. Under the umbrella of RCDN+ Academy, trainings for Advocacy and Lobbying will be organized with all other RCDN partners, as well. With a focus on enhancing partner associations’ recognition by relevant national agencies, fostering strategic collaborations, and facilitating policy dialogues, these trainings will play a pivotal role in empowering a wider network of organizations to advocate effectively for the interests of their members.